Deloitte experts comment on the Spring Budget 2017 announcement.


Gerry Biddle, assistant director, asks ‘Self-assessment: what's in store?

Video commentaries

Deloitte's Public Policy Director, Sally Jones, and UK Public Sector leader, Rebecca George, discuss NHS and Social Care as part of the 2017 Spring Budget.

Our UK Chief Economist, Ian Stewart, discusses the economic update from the Budget with Sally Jones, Public Policy Director.

Our Head of Tax Policy, Bill Dodwell discusses Tax following this year’s Budget announcement, with Sally Jones Deloitte UK's Director of Public Policy.

Our Employment Tax Partner, Mark Groom, discusses employment taxes with Sally Jones, Public Policy Director post-Budget 2017 announcement.

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The phrases most used by the Chancellor during his speech. 

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Popular phrases tweeted during the Autumn Statement speech.



LISA vs pension - How does a Lifetime ISA (LISA) compare to a pension and what are the key differences?

Watch Deloitte UK's chief economist, Ian Stewart, discuss the backdrop to the Budget and the timetable for reducing the deficit.